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Date: March 28, 2024

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In today’s digital age, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is taking a crucial step forward with the launch of the ‘Chaksu’ portal, a new tool in the fight against mobile scams. This initiative is part of the DoT’s broader Sanchar Sathi effort, aimed at empowering citizens to report suspected fraudulent communications, whether they come through calls, SMS, or social media platforms like WhatsApp. Let’s explore what the Chaksu portal is all about and how it’s set to make a difference.

What Is the Chaksu Portal?

The Chaksu portal is a key component of the DoT’s Sanchar Sathi initiative. It’s designed to help users report instances of suspicious communication effectively. If you receive a phone call, SMS, or a message on WhatsApp that seems fraudulent, you can report it on Chaksu by taking a screenshot of the message.

How Does Chaksu Work?

Reporting Suspected Fraud:

  • Users can access the Chaksu window through the Sanchar Sathi portal.
  • They need to fill out a form detailing the type of fraudulent communication (SMS, call, or WhatsApp).
  • Users provide information about the suspected number and the content of the message, including any phishing attempts.

Re-Verification Process:

  • Chaksu initiates the re-verification of numbers flagged as suspicious.
  • If re-verification fails, the number is disconnected.
  • Importantly, the process ensures confidentiality – the identity of the person reporting remains anonymous, and no personal details are shared.

Integration with Digital Intelligence Platform:

  • Banks, payment wallets, and social media platforms can share data about suspected fraudulent connections.
  • A Digital Intelligence Platform allows for the cross-referencing of this data against a master list of known fraudulent calls, enhancing the fight against future frauds.

Grievance Redressal Portal (Work in Progress):

  • The government is developing a grievance redressal portal within the Sanchar Sathi framework.
  • This portal will address issues like mistaken disconnections.
  • Collaboration with the Reserve Bank of India and the Department of Financial Services is underway to facilitate the return of frozen funds.

Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) Service:

  • The DoT is considering TRAI’s recommendations regarding CNAP, which shows the registered name for incoming calls, enhancing user safety and privacy.

Blacklisting Unsolicited Commercial Communication:

  • The Minister announced the blacklisting of 1.9 lakh text message headers after reviewing 35 lakh headers, marking a significant move in curbing unsolicited communications.

The combination of the Chaksu portal and the Digital Intelligence Platform is expected to significantly boost the detection and prevention of cyber frauds. This effort reflects the DoT’s commitment to user safety and security in the digital communication space, promising a more secure and trustworthy environment for mobile users.

Remember, your vigilance matters, and together, we can combat cyber fraud effectively.

Govt Launches Chakshu Portal To Report Fraudulent Calls, SMS

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1. Can I report financial frauds or cyber crimes on Chakshu?

Ans. Chakshu focuses on suspected fraud calls and messages. For financial frauds or cyber crimes, seek other channels.

Ques2. How quickly are reports acted upon?

Ans. The authorities promptly review reports. Your vigilance matters!

Ques3. Is Chakshu user-friendly?

Ans. It’s designed for ease of use, ensuring anyone can report suspicious activity.

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