BED Vs DELED: Selected B.Ed Candidates Lose Appointments, Threatening of Facing Job Losses

BED Vs DELED: Selected B.Ed Candidates Lose Appointments, Threatening of Facing Job Losses

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The exclusion of B.Ed degree holders from primary teacher recruitment has been mandated by the courts, with orders for the state government to complete the process of reinstatement within a six-month period.

B.Ed candidates find themselves facing successive setbacks, with rulings coming from both the High Court and the Supreme Court. Most recently, the High Court has ruled against the inclusion of B.Ed degree holders in primary teacher recruitment. It has directed the state government to reinstate those B.Ed teachers who were removed from their positions within six months and to recruit only D.El.Ed candidates based on merit for primary teacher roles.

This decision stems from a Division Bench headed by Chief Justice Ramesh Kumar Sinha. It was prompted by a petition filed by D.El.Ed candidates challenging the selection of B.Ed candidates in primary teacher recruitment. The petitioners contested a Supreme Court decision from August 2023, which deemed the inclusion of B.Ed qualification for primary teacher recruitment unconstitutional and demanded its removal.

B.Ed Vs BTC case

The contentious “BTC vs B.Ed” case emerged when the Rajasthan government barred B.Ed degree holders from applying for the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (RTET) 2021, contrary to the NCTE 2018 notification. In response, B.Ed degree holders contested this decision in front of the Rajasthan High Court. On the opposing side, D.El.Ed candidates protested against the NCTE’s decision to permit B.Ed graduates to pursue primary teacher positions. The Rajasthan High Court, in November 2021, invalidated the 2018 NCTE notification.

Subsequently, the issue escalated to the Supreme Court. A bench comprising Justice Aniruddha Bose and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia ruled on August 11 that B.Ed degree holders lacked the fundamental pedagogical qualifications necessary for teaching primary classes, and thus, they were deemed incapable of delivering ‘quality’ education to primary school students.

B.Ed Vs D.El.Ed:

The petition on behalf of D.El.Ed candidates argues that the D.El.Ed course provides specialized training for teaching primary level classes, focusing on reading, whereas B.Ed courses primarily address teaching older students. The inclusion of B.Ed candidates, they argue, would compromise the quality of education for younger students, violating the Supreme Court’s decision.

NCTE Notification

The Supreme Court’s ruling on August 11, 2023, forms the basis of this decision. The court declared that only D.El.Ed (BSTC) candidates are eligible to teach primary classes, rejecting the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) notification that had allowed B.Ed degree holders to be eligible for Level-1 teacher recruitment. The NCTE notification also mandated a six-month bridge course for B.Ed degree holders appointed for Level-1 positions.

An advertisement for the recruitment of 6500 assistant teachers in Chhattisgarh was issued on May 4, 2023. The examination for these positions took place on June 10, with both B.Ed and D.El.Ed candidates participating. However, the subsequent ruling has dictated that only D.El.Ed candidates will be considered for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. Can D.El.Ed graduates teach high school students?

Ans. No, D.El.Ed graduates are qualified to teach only at the primary level.

Ques. Is B.Ed more expensive than D.El.Ed?

Ans. Yes, B.Ed tends to be slightly costlier than D.El.Ed.

Ques. What if I want to teach both primary and high school students?

Ans. You’ll need to complete both D.El.Ed and B.Ed to cover both levels.

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